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No Delays

What do you think is the number one complaint that homeowners across the United States report after their remodeling project is complete?  It’s not the cost, or the mess, or the scruffy workers tracking mud across the clean floor.  No, the number one complaint is that the project took longer than they were told it would take.  

Our philosophy is “don’t start the job until you are ready to finish it.”  There are two primary reasons why a remodeling project might take longer than it should: material shortages or back-orders, and labor availability.  We have solved both of these problems with our exclusive Seamless Service Program.

Materials    We work with our clients to make sure all the materials are ordered and delivered before the work begins.  One of the most exciting parts of the project is Box Day.  That is when we meet with our client to open up all the boxes and make sure all the parts and pieces are there.  Is the tile all there, and is it the right color, size, and style?  Are the cabinets the right dimension, finish and style?  Did the plumbing fixtures arrive, and are all the internal parts there?  Did the custom light fixtures make it in one piece?  Once we know everything is there, we typically start within two to three work days.  If something critical is missing, we will hold off rather than have your project stopped in the middle to wait for a missing part.  

Our Crews    You will notice our employee craftsmen are at your home each morning at 7:00 AM.  We like to beat the traffic.  This discipline extends into our planning for your job, and the ones before it and after it.  We won’t start your project until we have freed your crew from the work they were on before yours.  That way, they can concentrate on your project without circling back to finish something they left undone in order to start your project on a given deadline.  Likewise, we will stay on your project until it is complete.  Good remodeling craftsmen don’t see themselves as multi-taskers.  They are single-task oriented, which helps ensure a focus on the quality of the work to which they are assigned.  They want to stick to the project from the beginning to the end, and see through any glitches.  That’s what you want, and that’s what we want.  

The company owner will be on your project every day we are working there to check over the work completed and keep our men on track going forward.  He will meet with you if you would like to review the progress on your remodeling project.  We like to make sure we are all on the same page.     Click here to see what our customers say about us